Domestic Upholstery

Artane Upholstery offers residential clients their range of expert upholstery services that can revitalise old or worn furniture.

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Commercial & Hotels

Artane Upholstery works with some of Ireland’s most prestigious hotels. Their expert service covers all types of furniture from the classic to the modern.

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Public Houses

Artane Upholstery works with a number of commercial clients. We provide all types of businesses our expert upholstery service.

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Welcome to Artane Upholstery

Artane Upholstery is an expert Upholstery service. Boasting 30 years of dedicated service in the greater Dublin area, Artane Upholstery has amassed a reputation for the quality of their expert craftsmanship and the efficiency and professionalism of their service.

Artane Upholstery

Hotel Upholstery

With over 3 decades of quality service, Artane Upholstery has worked with some of Ireland’s most prestigious hotels, like The Shelbourne Hotel, Clandarf Castle…

Upholstery Service

Commercial Upholstery

Artane Upholstery has extended their expert service to a wide range of commercial enterprises like pubs, restaurants and office buildings

Artane Upholstery

Domestic & Household Furniture Upholstery

Artane Upholstery’s regularly works with domestic clients. Their expert craftsmen can bring back to life – beloved but damaged – household furniture.

We offer all our domestic and commercial clients a flexible free collection and free delivery service. For more information on our upholstery services get in contact with Artane Upholstery today.

Complete Upholstery Service

Artane Upholstery can offer their customers a complete service. Their dedicated team can come to the clients domestic or commercial address, pick up any and all furniture, take it back to their workshop, carry out the work in a professional and timely manner, before returning the furniture as good as new.

This system ensures that customers suffer the absolute minimum amount of disruption. Clients can rest assured that all furniture in Artane Upholstery’s possession will be treated with the utmost care and respect.
Artane Upholstery treats your furniture as if it was their own.

Artane Upholstery is proud to be a long term member of the National Guild of Master Craftsmen.